Our Story

I1992 My Father In Law asked me to help him with a task, he was engraving trophies for the korean community, an annual event had him engraving 500 trophies all by hand. I was working in computers and had skills as a motor mechanic, he asked me to look at an engraving machine with him to see if I could make it engrave Korean.

First impressions was this would not be easy, a process had to be designed then adapted to the traditional engraving process. I saw a feature for image processing and this was when the light bulb moment. I took that moment and explored it finding a way to engrave Korean words and images, this process worked well but required a digitizing process that had limitations. For 2 years I studied the machine and process learning and making my way deep into its abilities. 

In 1994 I found a shop for rent close to the Inlaws. I moved into a bare shop with no existing customers, with no real idea on what was ahead of me. 22 years has come up so quick, I still look to find new ways to do what has not been done before, much of it comes easy to me now Magic is in my fingers, magic is in my mind, the magic to inspire the champions of tommorow .

 Roy de Visser 2014

"Inspire a Champion"