Stainless Steel Giftware Engraving

  • $33.00

Photo / Symbol / Logo
Engraving Text

Stainless steel on giftware, the item needs to be flat

smaller than 100mm x 100mm in the engraving dimensions

very precise engraving  will incur additional charges due to calibration time required see the watch sample 

multi side engraving  will incur additional charges

during the process it will need to be washed in water so must be washable.

There is a lot of variation in quality stainless steel and the coatings that are applied to them we sometimes advise a small test area to be engraved first this may void any return policy

we have 10 years of experience engraving metal with a Co2 laser some objects do not engrave it is best to consult with us before purchasing this service online.