#tts 25mm insert

#tts 25mm insert

  • $1.32

The 25 mm insert is used to personalise a trophy by adding a club logo, it can make a generic trophy a club Trophy.

there is a large range of trophies that offer this personalising option look for the 25mm insert tag.

There are many awards that don't have a figurine or iconic symbol for the achievements this insert can also have images of sports   or disciplines or achievements 

A large range of these inserts are in the CENTRES DOMED Page and find the image that suits your award below that image is it's code key that code into the Text field.

(only 1 Code please) you can select how many in the cart, to add a different code return to this page and repeat the selection and code input.

for 50mm inserts please select 50mm insert and repeat the selection process

For Club logo upload & creating a Custom Insert See Club & Custom Inserts